Experience The Reem Standard

Reem Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd. was established in Lahore back in 1994. It is a joint venture between two renowned groups from the Middle East- Al Ghurair Group of UAE and Al Muhaidib Group of Saudi Arabia.

Reem has been exporting premium quality rice to the world since its establishment which includes some of the famous companies such as Tilda (UK), Soufflet (Belgium), Silo De Tourtoulen (France), and Arrocerias (Italy).

At present, Reem has focused its expertise on the production of the finest basmati varieties from the natural, aromatic paddy of Punjab- that are directly purchased from local growers. The company is keenly interested in developing valuable and long-lasting partnership with its valued customers locally and internationally.


Our Location

Spread across a wide expanse of over thirty-five acres of land, Reem is situated in the best paddy growing area of the province of Punjab with Millhouse, Final Product Godowns, Office Blocks and Water Turbines.

Our Process

Reem today is amongst the largest buyer of Basmati Paddy in the province of Punjab. It has a well-planned and well-organized Paddy Procurement System imbedded with rigorous quality checks at each and every step. The company buys pure Basmati Paddy directly from the farmers on pre-announced specifications.


Our Selection

Extra Long Steamed Basmati Rice

Through state-of-the-art Steaming technology, we have transformed rice into Reem Ka Steam rice, ensuring that each cooked grain is separate, flavorful, tasteful, aromatic and consistent in quality.

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Steamed Brown Basmati Rice
Steamed Brown Basmati Rice

For all the health conscious people looking for an alternate to white rice – Reem Ka Steam Brown is the right fit for your grocery cart.

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Reem Super Basmati Rice
Reem Super Basmati

The truest form of our heritage in the shape of exquisite basmati rice with exceptionally long grains.

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